Wednesday 29 August (14:00-17:00)

Working Session 3

Global, local or GLOCAL:
What shall it be? Managing employment in international companies in a changing new world order

Organised by AIJA Commissions: Labour Law / Immigration Law

International companies imply international careers, and the wish to try to determine, as much as possible, common rules that will reflect the company’s values and facilitate careers’ development and management. One might also think that the legal corpus which is negotiated at international level allows more and more globalization on the main areas of global mobility of workers. However, in practice, national laws remain a drag on global employment policies and common approaches to employment law related questions. The purpose of this session is to discuss if the general trend goes to more nationalization or more globalization.

Part 1

Keynote speaker:

  • James Hall, EMEA employment counsel at Nike, The Netherlands


  • Kato Aerts, Lydian, Belgium

Part 2

Implementing global contracts and policies: How can global policies and standards for employment contracts be implemented locally? Are there some areas of understanding? Is there a way to build the path to simplicity?


  • Lill Egeland, Simonsen Vogtwiig, Norway


  • Chiharu Sekino, ‎Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah, LLP, USA
  • Almudena Alvarez, Alvarez Lentner, Spain
  • Charlotte Dubois, Solucial Avocats, France
  • Martijn Burgers, Pact Advocaten, The Netherlands

Part 3

Managing careers globally: What are the general trends for international mobility of employees within a Company Group? Is there a good practice? This panel will discuss how to deal with local variations in law and practice, How to bridge the gap and “translate” advice for the multinational head quarter, and How to handle multi-country projects and global polices.


  • Malini Skandachanmugarasan, Laura Devine Solicitors, United Kingdom


  • Stefan Müller, Wenger & Vieli AG, Switzerland
  • Michael Avila, Fisher and Phillips LLP, USA
  • Stefanie Tack, K-Law, Belgium

Key contacts:

Jan-Ove Becker, Rebecka Thorn, Caroline Barbe, Yoav Noy