Wednesday 29 August (09:00-12:00)

Working Session 1

Dispute resolution in an ever more globalised world:
When litigating sails abroad

Organised by AIJA Commissions: Litigation / International Arbitration / Commercial Fraud / Insolvency

The session will deal with the handling of international cases by domestic courts, with a focus on the creation of specialised chambers within state courts which deal with international commercial cases. In that respect a judge of the future chamber at the Court of appeal of Paris will be our key-note speaker.

Such chambers are already up and running in a number of jurisdictions including Singapore, Mumbai and, of course, London, while new ones are created in other jurisdictions including Amsterdam and Paris where the chambers are expected to go live in the next few months.

The panels will consider first the current practice of international chambers, before looking at the challenges faced by parties who use those chambers through two case studies, with a vote from audience before and after each case. We finally anticipate a lively debate in a mock-case on whether parties should choose arbitration or an international chamber of a state court.

Last but not least, Mrs Marie-Aimée Peyron, President of the Paris Bar (“Bâtonnier”), will join us for that session.

Key-note speaker:

Mrs Fabienne Schaller, Judge at the chamber for international commercial cases, Court of Appeal in Paris, France

Panel 1


  • James Le Gallais, Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP, UK


  • Marc Jones, Stewarts Law LLP, UK
  • AW Wen Ni, Wong partnership, Singapore
  • Omar Al Heloo, Hadef & Partners, Dubai
  • Niek Peters, Cleber Advocaten, The Netherlands

Panel 2


  • Anouk Rosielle, Dentons Boekel, The Netherlands
  • Alexander von Saucken, SVS Legal, Germany


  • Max Mailliet, Etude Max Mailliet, Luxemburg
  • Benjamin Wilson, Holland & Knight, USA
  • Anton Molchanov, Arzinger, Ukraine
  • Nicolas Herren, Pestalozzi Attorneys at Law Ltd, Switzerland
  • Marine Simonnot, UGGC, France
  • Katarzyna Randzio-Sajkowska, kslegal, Poland

Panel 3


  • Benjamin Leventhal, SGL Siegel-Goldshmidt & Leventhal, Israel


  • Marijn De Ruysscher, Lydian, Belgium
  • Kajal Patel, Cooke, Young & Keidan, UK
  • Paulo Nasser, Miguel Neto Advogados, Brazil

Overall organisation:

  • Pierre-Yves Samson, Soffal, France
  • Eleni Polycarpou, Withersworld, United Kingdom

Key contacts:

  • Panel 1: James Le Gallais
  • Panel 2: Anouk Rosielle, Alexander von Saucken
  • Panel 3: Benjamin Leventhal