Welcome letter of the president

Wiebe de Vries

Dear friends,

Brussels! And the outlook to spend a week together with a great dynamic AIJA crowd of lawyers from all over the world is a valuable project to work for. Over the past years AIJA has showed - no, proved - to me that the combination of knowledge building and personal development are an essential cornerstone of building a successful business as a young lawyer.

Facilitating you as participant in your personal development by having a top level scientific programme that has value for any legal practitioner, a variety of skill training and coaching sessions, and by a social programme that will keep Brussels in your memory for life, is what we aim at with the annual congress in August 2018 in Brussels.

This year the central theme of the scientific programme will be: is the dream of globalisation over? Are we heading towards or away from international integration?

We are sure every legal practice with active international lawyers is facing the opportunities as well as the threats of globalization, but whether current economic, political and other developments drive further integration or protective trends is for us to find out.

There is no doubt that the best way to take the next step in your career and your life is to attend our annual congress. It will not disappoint you. Seeing your old AIJA friends and making new friends, have valuable reflections on where you stand in your career and where you want to move and grow towards. Discuss the most recent trends in your practice under the approving eye of Manneken Pis, and toast on a great AIJA Congress with a world famous Belgium beer in your hand. Let’s celebrate the AIJA life together in Brussels in August 2018!

Best regards,

Wiebe de Vries
President of AIJA 2017/2018