Wednesday 29 August 2018

Opening Ceremony


Venue: THE EGG - Rue Bara 175 - 1070 Brussels

Opening Ceremony

Keynote speech: Herman Van Rompuy

Join us as we officially open this year’s International Young Lawyers’ Congress and celebrate culture, history, diversity and unity in the capital of the third most globalised country worldwide, Belgium. The opening ceremony will feature a keynote speech on globalisation given by our distinguished guest, the former President of the European Council and Prime Minister of Belgium Herman Van Rompuy.

This will be followed by a walking dinner where you can immerse yourself in local culinary traditions and tastes from different corners of the globe. Join us for this gastronomic world tour in the company of your international peers. We will then close this amazing evening with great music and dancing in a true AIJA afterparty!

The history of The EGG starts in 1925 when this vast industrial building was built by Danckaert Wood Machines to expand their tight premises. Subsequently, the establishment was bought in 1985 by the company Barama and served as a warehouse for the decors of the renowned Royal Theatre of Monnaie. In the beginning of the 2000s, the building was transformed into a huge complex intended for tele-shopping with television studios, storage facilities and office platforms. In 2009, the Brussels-Capital region purchased it to host the Centre for Cultural Industries, creating unique event spaces welcoming high level international events every year.

Dress Code: Business suit

Join AIJA for the traditional Opening Ceremony. The most ‘official’ moment of the AIJA Annual Congresses!