Scientific Programme Overview

Jean-Rodolphe Fiechter Karen Ruback Andreas White

AIJA: the Brussels Annual Congress 2018

Imagine all the people: is the dream of globalisation over? Are we heading towards or away from international integration?

It is a great pleasure for us as Work Coordinators to give you an insight into the scientific programme of the International Young Lawyers’ Congress of AIJA in Brussels 2018. We have been planning the scientific programme in consultation with the commission officers of AIJA at a time of global upheaval and uncertainty. Established patterns of international trade and commerce, and the national and supranational legal rules that underpin them, appear to be under threat from developments around the world. Have the goals of globalisation, free trade and ever closer integration had their day?

We have seen so-called populist, anti-establishment political earthquakes in the US (Trump) and Europe (Brexit). The benefits of free trade, free movement and globalisation are being called into question. The same is true even of democracy, human rights and the rule of law, which appear to be under threat in many places around the world.

Taking these developments as our theme, we are developing a scientific programme in collaboration with the commissions and membership of AIJA, examining the current position and asking where we are heading: towards greater integration, international co-operation and cross-border trade; or in the opposite direction? We are encouraging AIJA’s 20 scientific (sub)commissions to team up with each other to organise slots on current topics of interest to more than one commission. We also encourage them to get as many members as possible actively involved in the preparation of their slot.

We greatly enjoyed attending all the AIJA commission meetings during the Tokyo Congress to discuss the Brussels Congress scientific programme, and appreciated the enthusiasm and positive reception for our plans. Since then we have distributed answers to frequently asked questions, together with a seminar slot proposal form for completion. The programme will be finalised shortly after the Half Year Conference in Girona, taking place from 15-18 November 2017. We thank you for your support, amazing proposals and fantastic work so far and will continue to have an open ear for your inputs or concerns. We look forward to a captivating Congress in Brussels!

The work co-ordinators:

Jean-Rodolphe Fiechter, Kellerhals Carrard, Berne, Switzerland
Karen Ruback, Grinberg Cordovil Advogados, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Andreas White, Kingsley Napley LLP, London, UK


Wednesday 29 August

07:00-08:00 Running for Human Rights
08:00 Registration
08:00-9:00 Executive Committee meeting (EC)
Working Session 1
Dispute resolution in an ever more globalised world: When litigating sails abroad

Organised by AIJA Commissions : Litigation / International Arbitration / Commercial Fraud / Insolvency

Working Session 2
The Modern International Family: At Home, At Work, Abroad

Organised by AIJA Commissions : Private Clients / Tax / Immigration; in partnership with International Association of Lawyers (UIA)

12:00-13:00 Commissions Meetings
13:00-14:00 First Timers’ Lunch / Lunch
Working Session 3
Global, local or GLOCAL: What shall it be? Managing employment in international companies in a changing new world order

Organised by AIJA Commissions: Labour Law and Immigration Law

Workshop A
Global investors and local investments: Challenges and opportunities presented by local objectors and indigenous/tribal communities to international investment

Organised by AIJA Commissions: Environmental and Energy Law

Workshop B
The Journey of Your Favourite T-shirt via the new Silk Road to Your Local Retailer: Challenges from a transport, distribution and lease law perspective

Organised by AIJA Commissions: Real Estate / T.R.A.D.E. / Transport Law

16:00-17:00 Commissions Meetings
Voice of the Profession Session

The Egg

Thursday 30 August

08:00 Registration
Working Session 4
Is the dream of globalization over? Growing obstacles to M&A transactions, in particular cross-border

Organised by AIJA Commissions: Antitrust / Corporate and M&A / Banking, Finance and Capital Markets

Working Session 5
Misinformation Age – How information technology is used to spread and fight fake news and hate speech

Organised by AIJA Commissions: Intellectual Property, Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

12:00-13:00 Forum of the Commissions Meeting
12:00-13:00 Human Rights Committee meeting
13:00-14:00 Lunch
Working Session 6
Global integration processes in the automotive sector: Is the relevant market going towards or away from integration and globalization?

Organised by AIJA Commissions: International Business Law Commission / Intellectual Property, Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

Workshop C
Globalization and free trade: can they still exist or is it just the end of international business?

Organised by the American Bar Association - Section of International Law (ABA-SIL)

16:00-17:00 Commissions Meetings
17:00-18:00 Membership Forum meeting

Friday 31 August

07:00-08:00 Yog’AIJA
08:00 Registration
Working Session 7
Part 1 - Boutique is the New Black: How LegalTech Empowers Smaller Firms to Compete on a Global Scale
Part 2 - Work less, charge more - Pricing Legal Services: Techniques for Greater Profitability and Happier Clients

Organised by AIJA Commissions: Skills, Career, Innovation, Leadership and Learning (SCILL) / In-House Counsel

12:00-13:30 Law Course Committee meeting (LCC)

Saturday 1 September

09:00 Registration to the AGM
10:00-12:30 Annual General Assembly meeting (AGM)
12:30-13:30 Executive Committee meeting (EC)