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28 August › 1 September 2018

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Welcome letter of the president

Wiebe de Vries

Dear friends,

Brussels! And the outlook to spend a week together with a great dynamic AIJA crowd of lawyers from all over the world is a valuable project to work for. Over the past years AIJA has showed - no, proved - to me that the combination of knowledge building and personal development are an essential cornerstone of building a successful business as a young lawyer.

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Organising Committee

Marie Brasseur Grégoire Ryelandt

Dear friends of AIJA,

Now for the third time in our association’s history (following 1964 and 1999), Brussels again has the pleasure and honour of welcoming you to AIJA’s Annual Congress.

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Scientific Programme

Jean-Rodolphe Fiechter Karen Ruback Andreas White

AIJA: the Brussels Annual Congress 2018

Imagine all the people: is the dream of globalisation over? Are we heading towards or away from international integration?

It is a great pleasure for us as Work Coordinators to give you an insight into the scientific programme of the International Young Lawyers’ Congress of AIJA in Brussels 2018. We have been planning the scientific programme in consultation with the commission officers of AIJA at a time of global upheaval and uncertainty. Established patterns of international trade and commerce, and the national and supranational legal rules that underpin them, appear to be under threat from developments around the world. Have the goals of globalisation, free trade and ever closer integration had their day?

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